What is FormaVid?

The FormaVid Small Business Appliance is free, with source code provided, and available at Download FormaVid. Built to offer what most small businesses need in one easy to use and maintain appliance. Composed of popular industry standard open source software which allows for the largest possible pool of potential employees and contractors while simultaneously making training quicker and easier.
Manage Content

Efficient and flexible method to manage and deliver internal and external content.

Support Tracker

Extremely flexible issue tracking system to manage support, content and more.

Invoicing System

An invoicing system to manage products, billing, customers, billers, reports and more.

Mom & Pop Shop

Designed to meet the "Mom & Pop Shop" needs while being scalable for larger institutions.

Easy Use

Easy to install, configure, and maintain content management and delivery system.

Customizable Search

Excellent search capabilities that can be configured to return the results specific to your needs.

Web Based Admin

Complete web based administration for efficient remote use and maintenance.

Stackable Sites

Stackable web sites so only one base ip address is required which can lead to significant savings.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates enabled for base appliance security.


Scalable across multiple appliances or sub-appliances.

Stable and Reliable

Built upon a stable, secure, and open source foundation.


Cross-training opportunities for organizational skill-set stability.

SELinux Capable

SELinux can be enabled for enhanced security.


Allows users, employees and contractors to be remote or local.

Vast Resources

Extensive online educational materials and documentation.